Ebook: Step by Step How to fix common SEO issues after Site Audit



Organized by type of issue, this e-book contains 6 chapters that will help you fix your website SEO after a major audit.

With common issues and bugs covered in all areas of on-page optimisation and off site optimisation, this E-book can be used as a complete guide to fixing all of your website SEO in one small ebook.

Topics covered:

  1. WordPress Plugin
  2. Common On-Site Optimization
    1. HTTP Status Code
    2. Internal Links
    3. Crawling
    4. Title
    5. Description
    6. Textual Content
    7. Images
    8. Javascript
    9. Mobile Optimization
    10. Performance
  3. Off Site Optimisation
    1. Google Analytics
    2. Google Search Console


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